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Fair Trade USA

Fair Trade USA

Fogbuster® Coffee works is proud to be Fair Trade USA certified. Fair trade is a global movement that puts people and the planet first, composed of a diverse network of producers, companies, consumers, advocates, and organizations. Last year, Fair Trade USA® empowered more than 975,000 farmers and workers in 62 countries. The Fair Trade Certified seal on our products means it meets rigorous social, environmental, and economic standards, such as safe working conditions, environmental protection, sustainable livelihoods, and community development funds. 

“For every Fair Trade Certified™ product sold, the business or importer pays an additional sum of money above the purchase price that's then returned to the producer community in the form of Community Development Funds. Each producer community democratically votes on the administration of these funds, supporting empowerment and agency over the impact on their communities and livelihoods.” - Fair Trade USA Website

Photograph by Jeremias Garcia Argueta. Ⓒ 2016 Fair Trade USA

Fogbuster® Coffee Works beans are produced in 8 different countries, and as a result of our Fair Trade USA certification, we make a positive impact on the local economies and livelihoods of producers in these regions. For example, pictured above is Francisco Cristóbal Báltazar who has been a member of the ASOBAGRI cooperative in Guatemala since 2013. He is thankful for all the benefits being part of the cooperative offers him, which includes support from technicians. It has also given him a line of credit that has helped him overcome the crippling coffee leaf rust by replacing the majority of his coffee trees that are more resistant to coffee leaf rust.

By supporting our company you support increased wages, community resources, and improved work standards for coffee growers! You can learn more about the Fair Trade Difference by watching this video: The Fair Trade Difference.
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