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Fogbuster® Coffee Works Overview: 
Company Overview
Brief company history: In 1994, the Pierce Brothers first started providing Air Roasted coffee to the University of Massachusetts community. Their company was originally called Pierce Brothers Coffee Roasters. This became the start of their quest to provide only the best coffee available. Now nearly three decades later they are doing just that; and have rebranded as Fogbuster® Coffee Works. The name is taken from their most popular and signature, Super Dark Roast Coffee called Fogbuster®; “It Goes To 11!”
By selling only 100% Organic, Fair Trade, Kosher Certified, Air Roasted Coffee, they offer the highest quality product to their customers. The Air Roasting process is unique with less than 5% of the world's roasters using this method. This allows our coffee to be less bitter and acidic while providing a smoother, richer taste.
From small beginnings, we are now distributing coffee to some of the biggest Colleges, Universities, Supermarkets, Cafés, Restaurants, Food Coops, Gourmet shops, Hospitals, Ski Resorts, High Profile Inns, Hotels, Churches and County Clubs. We have also launched our own line of Nitro Cold Brew coffee, in both cans and kegs. In addition we have added the first Coffee Infused Fire-Cider in the world. As well as Coffee Spice Rub, Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans, K-Cups and Single Serve Pods, an environmentally friendly alternative to K-Cups.
Air Roasted Coffee 
Our convection roaster floats each bean on a fluid bed of hot air. This improves the coffee's quality and flavor by removing the outer husk of the beans, known as chaff, before it settles. As the bean expands, the particles of chaff are literally blown away. Coffee is traditionally roasted in a steel drum with the beans tumbling against the scalding metal interior, which can lead to the unremoved chaff catching on fire. Our Air Roaster floats the beans on a bed of hot air. Consistently roasting each bean evenly, guaranteeing a uniformed, flavor profile, every time.
We are "The Clean Bean®" coffee roaster, because we chose a superior way of roasting our coffee beans. Without any soot; Air Roasted Coffee is less bitter and acidic while providing a smoother, richer taste. You can experience the difference in every cup. We Air Roast our coffee daily in small batches to ensure the highest quality and freshness.
We at Fogbuster® Coffee Works have been blending only the finest Arabica beans; creating signature blends for some of New England's most popular eateries and specialty markets for nearly 3 decades.
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