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USDA Organic Certified

Our coffee is grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. We only use beans from around the world that guarantee a strong commitment to sustainability and biodiversity with rigorous and meticulous standards, while aiding in the conservation of land and water. Fogbuster Coffee Works is proud to be among the first USDA certified organic roasting facilities.

Fair Trade USA Certified

We make a conscious choice for a better world by using Fair Trade USA certified coffee. When you buy Fair Trade USA certified coffee, you are guaranteeing a fair living wage for small farms. This helps farming families take care of themselves, their workers, and their communities, ultimately living a more prosperous life while also protecting the environment.


We have a commitment to history, culture, and tradition by ensuring our coffee is fit for consumption for those mindful about food preparation, supervision, and disciplines. We conduct a strict biannual inspection of our coffee and production process under the rabbinical supervision of Vaad Haskasshruth of Springfield, MA. This allows greater accessibility of our coffee, ensuring yet another check of quality in our highest standards of processing.

Browse the Fair Trade Farm locations to learn more about our amazing farmers.
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