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Private Label

There are a few different options for how you can utilize our private label program. You are welcome to select any combination of the options below, or just one. With every option, you select up to two of our existing roasts and create a customized roast name and tagline for each. We are happy to assist you in brainstorming a tagline, and you also have the option to opt out of one. 

Option 1 - 10 oz Retail Bags

You order and receive:

  • Case of customized 10 oz retail bags
  • Marketing Materials: Shelf Talker

Option 2 - Bulk

  • Marketing Materials: Bin Talker customized with roast name and tagline

Option 3 - Brewing

  • Marketing Materials: Pot Talker customized with roast name and tagline

For options 2 and 3 you will order and receive the Fogbuster® Coffee Works roast you choose for your private label. It is the responsibility of you and your staff to know which roast is private labeled. You may not sell the Fogbuster® Coffee Works roast you have chosen to private label under its original name in any capacity. For example, if you choose “Lighthouse” to private label as “Farm Blend”, you may sell “Farm Blend” in any combination of the three available options, but cannot sell Farm Blend as one option and Lighthouse as another.

Please fill out our wholesale contact form if you are interested in our private label program. Indicate which options you are interested in and list any questions you have. Thank you!

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