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The magic of these hills of Western Massachusetts, makes it's way into everything we produce.

The magic of these hills of Western Massachusetts, makes it's way into everything we produce.

As the days grow warmer and sun stronger, the abundant natural beauty of our special little neck of the woods, truly comes into view. These connections between human and nature have always been in the forefront of our minds. If not for the work of the farming communities we help to support, through our fair trade and ethical sourcing practices, none of this would be possible.

Air roasting coffee, regardless of the quality of the beans roasted, will always produce a superior offering. Though this is true, when you combine our Air Roasting practices with premium, hand picked cherries, that are organically grown and sold at a fair trade price, the results are beyond belief. Low acid, smooth coffee, that will not upset your stomach; but will delight your palate. 

Doing what is right, creating what is better and never compromising are the hallmarks of Fogbuster Coffee Works. These beliefs inform and drive all of our decision making and explain why we insist on Air Roasting our coffee.

Discover for yourself, why we have been around for 30 years.

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