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What is Air Roasted coffee and what are it's benefits?

What is Air Roasted coffee and what are it's benefits?

Air roasted coffee, also known as fluid bed roasting, is a coffee roasting method that differs from the more traditional drum roasting process. In air roasting, coffee beans are roasted using hot air, typically in a cylindrical chamber, rather than in a rotating drum. The process involves suspending the coffee beans in a stream of hot air, which circulates and evenly roasts the beans.

Here are some potential benefits of air roasted coffee:

  1. Even Roasting: Air roasting provides an even and consistent roast for coffee beans. The hot air surrounds the beans from all sides, resulting in a more uniform roast and reduced risk of underdeveloped or burnt beans.

  2. Clean Taste: Air roasting tends to produce coffee with a cleaner and more distinct flavor profile. Since there is no direct contact between the beans and the roasting surface, the risk of contamination from oils or residues is minimized.

  3. Bright Acidity: Air roasted coffee often exhibits brighter acidity and more pronounced flavor notes, making it a preferred method for showcasing the unique characteristics of different coffee beans.

  4. Less Bitterness: Due to the even roasting and reduced chance of over-roasting, air roasted coffee is less likely to have a bitter or charred taste.

  5. Reduced Chaff: Chaff, which is the thin, papery skin that comes off coffee beans during roasting, is more easily separated and collected in air roasting, resulting in cleaner beans.

  6. Consistency: Air roasting offers greater control over the roasting process, which can lead to a consistent flavor profile from batch to batch.

  7. Energy Efficiency: Some argue that air roasting is more energy-efficient than drum roasting because it requires less energy to heat the air and roast the beans.

It's important to note that the perceived benefits of air roasted coffee may vary depending on personal preferences and the specific beans being roasted. Coffee enthusiasts often have their own preferences when it comes to roasting methods and flavor profiles. Ultimately, the best coffee is a matter of personal taste, and trying different roast methods can help you discover your favorite coffee flavor.

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